When Can Babies Start Swimming Lessons?

When Can Babies Start Swimming Lessons?

Thanks to their young age, children tend to pick up new skills much easier than adults do. But can they be too young to be exposed to certain things, such as swimming? 

If you’re on the fence about signing up your baby for swimming lessons — keep reading. In this article, we’ll talk about all of the important factors that need to be taken into account before allowing your young one to take the plunge. 


Does Your Baby Show Interest in Swimming?

Because babies come from an aquatic environment (the mother’s womb) they tend to be quite relaxed when in water. So, a lot of young children love their designated bath-times, and can’t seem to wait to get in the water.

Some babies even instinctually start waving their arms and legs and peddling as they’re given a bath. These children tend to thrive in swimming lessons, so it’s a great idea to enrol them once they’re old enough. 

That being said, it may be even smarter to provide swimming lessons to children who are afraid of water. In doing so, you’ll allow them to overcome their fear on time, and in a safe way.


The Best Time for Babies to Start Swimming Lessons

Children up to 12 Months

Infants under 12 months can’t hold their heads above water, so typical swimming lessons are out of the question for them. However, there are plenty of water play classes you can take with your baby instead.

In doing so, you’ll be able to bond with your child, as well as make them feel more accustomed to being in a large body of water. If nothing else, you can help them get over any fears of being in the water, which will make things easier in the long run.

Children Ages 1-4

Typically, this is the time when it’s safe for children to start learning to swim. Your child should be able to raise their head above the water and be strong enough to keep up with a swimming lesson.

Children who start swimming lessons in this age bracket will also be more comfortable with water in general, and are less likely to develop a fear later on. Learning to swim won’t be too much of a challenge for them, and they’ll probably even look forward to the lessons.

Children Over the Age of 4

After 4 years of age, children tend to be more coordinated, as well as physically able to participate in swimming lessons. However, if a child hasn’t spent a lot of time in water beforehand — swimming lessons may be very challenging for them.

Kids can sometimes develop a fear of the water itself, and you may be forced to leave the lesson with them kicking and screaming. To combat this, you can enquire about special lessons that will allow your child to feel comfortable in the water before starting swimming lessons.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve answered the question of when can babies start swimming lessons once and for all. However, don’t forget that every child has different needs and abilities, which you ought to take into account no matter what age category they fall into. Also, remember to take safety precautions at all times, to ensure everyone has a fun time swimming.

Kerry Obrien

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