Choosing the Right Family Home: A Guide for Beginners

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll ever make as an adult. Since this is the place where you’ll be making memories, raising your children, and building your dreams, it’s only fitting that you take all these necessary considerations to make sure that you’re choosing a home that would suit your family’s needs.


  • The right type of home.

If you look at Deanside house and land packages, you’ll see different styles of homes that are designed to fit your needs and lifestyle. In choosing a family home, you need to think about how much space you need, your preferences and, of course, your budget. 

A single-family home is a common option among first-time buyers because it offers privacy and has enough space for a growing family. But you can also go for a multi-family home or even a condominium depending on your preferences and budget.


  • The suitability of a home.

When you see a house that you like at a price point that’s within your budget, do you get it right away? Before you take that big leap, make sure that your home is suitable for your family’s needs. Think about the accessibility of the area from your work and the children’s school. Does it have restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and parks nearby? Is it spacious enough to accommodate all your family members comfortably? 

Remember that even if a house looks good, it might still not be the most ideal choice if it’s too far away from the things that you need.


  • The location of a home.

Aside from suitability, you should also choose the right location for your family home to make sure that the neighbourhood would be ideal for you, especially for your children. A lot of developments these days don’t just offer great homes, but they also create communities that allow their residents to live the life they want. When buying in a master planned community, you’ll often find that you’re surrounded by like-minded people from all walks of life: families, downsizers and first home buyers come together.

A lot of first-time buyers also go for mixed-use developments that combine both commercial and residential areas that make the concept of living, work, and play a lot easier to achieve. Of course, you also need to think about the safety of the area where you’re buying your home. It’s best to go for a location where there are security measures already in place, so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety all the time.

Choosing the right home for your family doesn’t come overnight. It would take time to go over your options, do some diligent research, and decide on the perfect home where you can build your family and spend many years together. 


But with these tips in mind, choosing the right family home would be a lot easier than you think. Of course, it would also help to find a development that you can rely on when it comes to finding the best home that suits your needs and preferences without going over your budget.

Top Three Affordable & Quiet Suburbs in NSW

In recent years, NSW suburbs have become the hub of development. So, it comes as no surprise that so many Kiwis are flocking to and growing their roots in them. Most of the time, they’re the cleanest, safest and friendliest places to be.

However, not all suburbs are made the same, and some aren’t as affordable, or that good to live in when compared to others. To help you choose the very best one, we’ll be listing our top three favourite suburbs in NSW.



With a population of around 5,000, as well as plenty of greenery all around, Fletcher is the perfect, quaint place to live. Moreover, despite being in close proximity (16km) to Newcastle CBD, the suburb has managed to stay small and safe. Not to mention, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops here, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

One more thing that Fletcher has going for it is affordable real estate, whether you want to rent an apartment or purchase a home. The reason behind this is that there’s a lot of ongoing development in the area, allowing residents to live in a quiet, peaceful place at a fraction of the cost.

So, whether you’re a young working professional, retiree, or part of a family, you’ll surely fit into Fletcher’s amazing community.



Chisholm is an up and coming suburb that sits 23km from Newcastle and 7km from Maitland. According to the 2016 census, the city has a tiny population estimated at 1,500 people — however, this will likely change in the near future. 

In 2011, the suburb embarked on a transformation and built enough housing for 15,000 new residents. Since then, thanks to the beautiful landscape and affordable real estate, people have been flocking to Chisholm. 

Additionally, even Chisholm land for sale still boasts affordable prices, allowing you to build your own home from scratch, or invest in great real estate opportunities. 

So, people from all walks of life, young families, working professionals and retirees are all attracted to the area. Moreover, because there are still new houses and buildings being built, there are still plenty of residents that can’t wait to call the suburb home.


Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs is a beautiful, quiet, well-kept suburb in the Sunshine Coast Region. Currently, an estimated 7,000 people call this suburb home, and this number is estimated to increase in the future.

The community is built according to a master plan, which includes independent units, apartment complexes as well as a retirement village. Some of the amenities in Peregian Springs include a large-scale housing estate and a huge shopping centre. So, all sorts of people from various backgrounds flock here, searching for a peaceful, well-balanced lifestyle.

Peregian Springs also puts a premium on preserving natural spaces, so its residents can enjoy untainted nature and well-kept parks. Not to mention, the suburb even has its own rainwater-powered irrigation system.


Final Thoughts

These NSW suburbs will allow you to have the best of both worlds. Proximity to amazing schools and job opportunities, as well as peace of mind for both you and your family. So, we can safely say that you won’t go wrong if you choose to call any of them home.

Sunshine Coast – 4 Reasons Why Living Here Is The Best

Australia is one of the best countries to live in the world. It has both beaches and snow, and the country has regions where anyone can enjoy. One of these places is the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. It’s home to a lot of greenery, a relaxed atmosphere, and even some of the best properties in the country. 

Known as one of the most popular attractions in South Queensland, investing in a property here is a great decision. Moreover, if you are looking for reasons to move and live on the Sunshine Coast, then here are some of the basics that you should know. 


  1. Job and Economic Growth

As one of the famous places in the country, Sunshine Coast also has one of the most stable markets, especially when it comes to employment and business opportunities. Businesses, from small to large enterprises, are here which, in return, also generates work for locals and those moving in the area.

In 2017 alone, thousands of jobs were generated here. Moreover, there is also an increase in job opportunities in the healthcare sector which is another excellent opportunity for people who want a change of scenery. 

  1. Awesome Outdoors 

As we’re talking about scenery, another reason why Sunshine Coast is a great option to live and raise a family is because of its outdoors. It is home to some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the country. Regardless of where you live here, there’s always a spectacular beach just a few minutes drive from your home. 

It also offers famous and stunning mountains such as the Glasshouse Mountains. The mountains provide some of the most incredible views. 

  1. Access to Quality Education

No matter the age of your kids, the place has one of the best and most comprehensive ranges of education institutions. From children starting school or individuals wanting to take professional education, you can get it here. 

Remember that education is an essential part of the lives of your children. So, make sure to find a place to settle and grow your family that can also offer high-quality education at any level. 

  1. Options for every family and lifestyle

For single individuals, couples, or families, options for homes and properties are here, and some include: 

Harmony in the Sunshine Coast – One of the best, you can choose to purchase a land or land and house to complete your dream property. It’s a lovely community set on 378 hectares of land and offers beautifully designed homes and more. You can also enjoy their outdoor living and share communal spaces with other families in the neighbourhood. 

Inner Suburbs – One of the inner suburbs that you can choose to live is Buddina which is also an excellent option for families. It has fewer crowds and offers more outdoor experiences. 

North Sunshine Coast – If you’re looking to live walking distance to the beach, then Peregian Beach is the best option. It’s a laidback community that’s best for anyone who loves a no-fuss lifestyle. 


Pack your bags and talk to your agent now. Move to your dream home on the South Coast today!


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