Plumpton 101 — Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to the Suburb

Plumpton 101 — Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to the Suburb

Plumpton is one of those suburbs that always seems to be up-and-coming. People appear to be flocking to the area for quite some time, but is making the move really worth it?

If you’re on the fence about moving to Plumpton, or just curious about what the suburb has to offer — you’re in the right place. In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about everything that makes Plumpton what it is, so you can make up your own mind about it. 


1. Great Possibilities and Amenities


Even though Plumpton is built as a residential area, it comes with all of the amenities and possibilities you will ever need. Plumpton Marketplace, for example, is home to a department store, supermarket, medical clinic, banking, fast food, retail outlets, etc. 

So, it’s a one-stop-shop where many residents can cross out their entire to-do list, and then sit down for a meal. 

As far as the leisurely options go, Plumpton Park is an incredibly popular option for both active and laid-back residents. The large conservation and recreational area feature gorgeous sites, with both constructed wetland and open woodland.

Additionally, Plumpton Primary and Plumpton High schools make the suburb popular among families with children. For very young, growing families, there’s also the option of the church-operated Good Shepherd Primary School.


2. Stable Housing Market


In recent years, Plumpton has seen a steady increase in popularity for both homeowners and renters alike. 

Luckily, the real estate market has managed to keep up with the demand, offering stable prices and affordable housing for all. Moreover, there’s even plenty of land for sale Plumpton, making the suburb incredibly popular with investors.

That being said, the previous year has seen an ongoing trend of city-dwellers moving to suburbs in search of quiet living and affordable housing. So, if you do plan on moving here, we recommend doing it sooner, rather than later.


3. A Great Connection to the City


Plumpton is located 46km west of Sydney CBD, allowing you to make a quick commute to the city whenever you want to. 

The suburb itself is easily accessed by the M7, as well as a short distance from the M4 motorway. If you don’t drive, you could always get into the city via one of many bus services or the Blacktown railways stations.

All in all, you will never be more than 40-60 minutes away from the city, and all of its hustle and bustle.


4. Tight-Knit Community


Plumpton is primarily a residential suburb, and it’s built with community in mind. The residents of the suburb surely take this to heart and make sure each newcomer feels welcome and accepted.

In Plumpton, people care about each other and revel in the community they’re surrounded by. Here, you’ll always say hello to your neighbours, and probably won’t think twice before going over to borrow a cup of sugar.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now you’ve realized why Plumpton is so popular, and understand what makes the suburb the rising star it is. If you’re thinking about making the move, we recommend checking out properties and land for sale Plumpton online, just to give you a taste of what living here is like.

Kerry Obrien

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