How to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

How to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Summer is here, and we need to prepare ourselves and our homes for the season. The question now is how we can prepare our space and make it more comfortable for the family? 

Here are some things we can do to make the summer bearable for everyone: 


Start by updating your beddings. 

Having a house and land Werribee or anywhere in Australia means that you have to prepare for the summer. One of the best things you can do, change sheets to make resting and sleeping comfortable. 

We recommend that you get rid of the heave beddings and sheets and replace it with breathable ones. Make sure to choose cotton and nature fibres and avoid any synthetic material. Also, you can wash your linens once a week or more frequently compared to your schedule during the colder months. 


Check your summer appliances and ensure it’s working correctly. 

There are a lot of appliances that you need to prepare for the summer, and these include the following: 

  • Fans – make sure that your fans are up and running. Clean the fans more often to ensure that you have proper ventilation inside your home. 
  • Air conditioners and coolers – again, clean your air conditioners and coolers to ensure that it functions properly. It will be used more often these months to check it for any issues. 
  • BBQ – summer wouldn’t be the same without BBQ so deep clean it, check the gas, and ensure that all fittings are working. 


Shield your windows. 

One of the best ways to protect your home and ensure that it doesn’t heat that much is to get the right blinds for your window. It’s vital to shield your windows which are directly exposed to the sun to prevent heat build-up in your home. 

You can also choose to tint your windows. The process is similar to car tints that helps keep cars cool when parked outside. Also, don’t forget to close your windows and shield it if you are going out for the day. 


You can bring the outdoors in. 

Bring in some plants to help cool your home during the summer. Some of the best indoor plants for this season include the following:

  • Ferns
  • Ficus tree
  • Snake plant
  • Aloe vera

However, you can also prepare your outdoor living to create a seamless indoor to outdoor connection in your home. Relax in your patio if the weather is good and you can check for land for sale Hopper’s Crossing for some awesome home designs and locations!


Don’t forget to prepare yourself, too!

It would be challenging to maintain your home during the summer if you don’t take care of yourself. So, do the following:

  • Stay hydrated!
    You need to drink more fluids to ensure that you stay hydrated, especially if you’re active during the summer.
  • Moisturize and apply sunblock.
    Protect your skin from the sun and make sure to apply and reapply moisturizer and sunblock.
  • Don’t forget your pets.
    Protect your pets and give them water to keep them cool.


Don’t forget to prepare for any season and stay safe!

Kerry Obrien

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